Scientific evidence supporting families and children as agents of change for peace

Young children and their families are progressively being exposed to greater violence in homes, schools and communities, and among nations. In our search for solutions we turn to science. Evidence from the field of early childhood development (ECD) clearly demonstrates that lasting and intergenerational change can occur through interventions early in life. To break the cycle of violence and promote peaceful societies, the developmental needs of young children must be the primary focus.

Yale University, UNICEF, AÇEV Foundation, and the Fetzer Institute and other global partners have embarked on a joint project to achieve the common objective of analyzing the linkages between early childhood development (ECD) and peace building through scientific research, to disseminate results and advocate for better policies on global platforms - as a pathway to sustainable peace. 

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ARNEC Webinar

Building Blocks of Peace: Using Media to Reach and Teach Young Children

October 15, 2015 / 4:00 am EST

The building blocks of peace education—living in harmony, accepting differences, conflict resolution—can be taught to young children, in much the same way as other curricular topics such as literacy, mathematics, and science. This webinar explores how educational media, including television, radio, mobile applications, and other digital platforms, are effective methods of peace education for young children. Led by two media educators—one with 20 years of experience developing international adaptations of Sesame Street, and the other a producer of an acclaimed television series in Ethiopia—the session will demonstrate a process for developing effective educational content to promote peace building. 

Register for the webinar here.

Round Table Discussion

With James F. Leckman, MD, PhD, Shafiq Masalha, MD & Prof. Ernesto Caffo

The Transformative Power of Early Childhood Development: Setting the Stage for a More Peaceful World

VIDEO / 25 Aug 2015 / Yale professor, James F. Leckman, MD, PhD, hosts a discussion with international notables, Shafiq Masalha, MD (Israel) and Prof. Ernesto Caffo, MD (Italy), to include the reduction and prevention of violence against children in the home and in society, and a knowledge exchange about the importance and the potentially transformative power of the early years by promoting evidence-based early parent-child programs in fragile contexts. More ...

Featured Video

What is the Ecology of Peace?

VIDEO / View our Ecology of Peace conceptual framework video that provides a set of hypotheses to explore the viability of promoting peace through early childhood.

Early Childhood Peace Consortium Milestone Events

We are pleased to report on Yale's leadership at the following main events that have served to further add momentum to the global movement that values children and families as agents of change for peace.

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